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Museum Ancillary Space Opens to the Public 

A 1941 Reading Company caboose, acquired by the Longswamp Township Historical Society in mid-2023, now resides on our leased park property. Funds raised to acquire the caboose came exclusively from Historical Society members, residents who live(d) in the Longswamp area. The caboose was dedicated during an October 2024 event hosted by Historical Society. At the same time, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the museum building. 

The interior of the caboose will be kept in its present "working condition," i.e., bunks, table and benches, sink, stove, etc. The Historical Society is working now to raise the needed funds to repair damage to the stove and remove a "modern day" sink in favor of a more period-correct model. It will also be used as an ancillary museum space. 

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