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Longswamp Centre

The village of Longswamp Centre is located in the center of Longswamp Township, along State Street. The area was previously known as Weilerstown (not to be confused with Lower Macungie Township's Weilersville).

John Weiler (1761-1838) was born in Oley, Pa.; he married Margaret, daughter of George Schall, also of Oley. Schall owned 300 acres of land in Longswamp Township, which the Weilers inherited, including several properties in the village of Longswamp Centre and a large farm in the village of Lower Longswamp, later owned by Colonel William Trexler.

"The Village of Longswamp Centre" was researched, written and published by the Longswamp Township Historical Society in 2015. All ten "Village series" booklets are available for purchase from our web store.

Image:  Longswamp United Church of Christ (Longswamp UCC), a prominent landmark in the village of Longswamp Centre.

Longswamp Centre.jpg
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