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M&T Bank Charitable Foundation Approves Grant for Advanced Scanning Equipment of Museum Items

Several years ago, our Board approved an expenditure for PastPerfect Museum collection and contact management software. This tool includes an archive catalog for storing documents, a photograph catalog for storing photos, tintypes, paintings, etc.; an objects catalog for storing three-dimensional artifacts, and a library catalog for storing information about books included in our historical library. It also stores donor information. We’re excited to announce that the Foundation Committee of M&T Bank, our banking partner, has generously approved our request for $750 in grant funds for the purchase of a scanning device that will enable more sophisticated digitization and preservation of historical materials than we are currently able to achieve. The scanner can flatten 3D curved surfaces, such as open book pages, and will also allow us to scan larger images like outsized photographs—or even paintings and drawings—thus permitting us to capture and retain a high-resolution image of an image that represents the historic heritage of the Longswamp area which, perhaps, the owner is unwilling to part with ... or to protect original items in our collection from the kind of damage that can be caused by handling or exposure to sunlight. The scanner also has two side lights and a headlight, causing less reflection on glossy papers and artwork already in frames. The grant award includes funds to purchase a 5TB portable drive that will allow us to save and access the images.

We’re even more excited to announce that the scanner arrived, and volunteers Morgan Larese and Tess Woloszanski are learning how to use it.


We were delighted to see Bill and Michele Zollers who were in the area. Although they currently live in Reno, Nevada, Bill admits that his heart is still in Longswamp. Bill and his late wife, Sandra Zollers, were owners of the farm on Longsdale Road, home of the Long/Hawerter Mill – a property on the National Register of Historic Places. Bill and Michele lived on the farm until they sold it in 2017 and moved to be closer to family members.

We were honored to receive a handmade model of the mill, given to Sandra when she was a teacher in the Fleetwood School District. The Zollers’ Longsdale buddy, Carl Weller, joined us for a tour of the caboose and the site of the future museum. Not only did Bill buy quilt tickets, but he also presented us with a much-appreciated donation for our capital campaign.

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