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Red Lion

Several villages and hamlets located in the southeastern part of Longswamp Township include Red Lion, Rittenhouse Gap, Gardner's Bridge, Maple Grove, and Schlossburg.

Red Lion is located in the southeastern limit of the township on what was once part of the Catasauqua-Fogelsville Railroad. At one time, it was suggested the name be changed to Dankels. 

Rittenhouse Gap is a small village located southwest of Red Lion. The gap, which gives the village its name, lies between the headwaters of Swabia Creek, in the Lehigh River watershed, and an unnamed tributary of the Perkiomen Creek, in the Schuylkill River watershed. Gap Hill lies along its northwestern side.

Gardner's Bridge is located near the Lehigh County line on the road leading from Alburtis to Seisholtzville.

Maple Grove is a small village lying at the foot of Dovis Barig on the road (State Street) leading from Mertztown to Seisholtzville. It was previously named Nuddletown.

Schlossburg is located near the Lehigh County line on the road (Schlossburg Street) leading from the Alburtis Road (Longswamp Road) to the Mertztown-Seisholtzville Road (State Street).

"The Village of Red Lion" was researched, written, and published by the Longswamp Township Historical Society in 2018. All ten "Village series" booklets are available for purchase from our web store.

Image:  Fairchild's Beer Garden, Maple Grove

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