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Once the railroad came through Longswamp Township, travel from rural communities, like those that comprise Longswamp Township, to "exotic" places like Allentown and Reading was much more often and easily accomplished. After Hess Brothers opened its doors, in 1897, people from places near and far regularly put on their Sunday best and headed to downtown Allentown. From the Bargain Basement to the French Room (offering women's garments mostly imported from France), to the soda fountain and the restaurant famous for serving large portions, including enormous slices of strawberry pie, the original Hess's store was a shopping mecca and entertainment center, all wrapped into one. 


Unsold copies of these books, first offered during a presentation about Hess's Department Store (and hosted by Longswamp Township Historical Society several years ago) are now available at a deeply discounted price of just $10. 


HURRY! Remaining quantities are limited. 

(Black and white print, 190 pages, 128 images)

The Images of Hess's Department Store, 1897 - 2000

$16.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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