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Hancock is a tiny village located to the east of the borough of Topton and west of the village of Mertztown; the heart of the village is located at the intersection of today’s State Street and Park Avenue. The village is believed to have been named for Clinton G. Hancock, a general passenger agent of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad (which took over the pioneering East Pennsylvania Railroad). Hancock was one of 13 stops set up along the East Pennsylvania railroad. A station building was never constructed; instead, an existent lumber, coal and grain business property was used as a station stop and post office. A funicular was also built in the vicinity of the stop to serve local iron ore business. Several small hamlets, adjacent to Hancock (Blocktown, Shoetown, and Stumptown) are included in this booklet.


32 pp. comprised of photos and accompanying cutlines.

Village of Hancock

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