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The area along today’s State Street, which leads travelers east from the village of Mertztown was originally called Weilerstown for John Weiler and his wife, Margaret Schall Weiler, who inherited 300 acres of land in Longswamp from Margaret’s father. The Weilers owned several properties in the village as well as a large farm in the village of Lower Longswamp (which is located just east of the area once known as Weilerstown).


Once Weiler family members began dying out or relocating, the village in the center of Longswamp Township became known as Longswamp Centre. This village was once home to the Longswamp High School and Longswamp Central School and remains home to the Longswamp United Church of Christ (originally the Longswamp Church); it’s German Reformed congregation dates back to the 1740s.


32 pp. comprised of photos and accompanying cutlines.

Village of Longswamp Centre

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