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The village of Red Lion, located in the southeastern edge of the township, lies along what was once a spur built by the Catasauqua-Fogelsville Railroad. Lore has it that the red door of an inn once located in the area was decorated with the image of a lion’s head. (No proof to support this claim is known to exist.) Also located in this village is what is thought to be the oldest surviving home in the township (early 1700s).


Along with Red Lion, this booklet covers the iron ore mining villages Rittenhouse Gap (located southwest of Red Lion), Gardner’s Bridge (near to the Lehigh County line), Maple Grove, which lies at the foot of Dovis Barig and Schlossburg (also near to the Lehigh County line). Hematite and magnetite ore were mined in these areas; granite was also quarried here. Thomas Edison visited the area in the late 1800s and early 1900s to test his magnetic ore separator—an invention later repurposed and used with success in the cement industry.


32 pp. comprised of photos and accompanying cutlines. 

Village of Red Lion

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